What is KOSMO Q?
KOSMO Q is a global network with QUANTUM based network nodes combined with multi-blockchain technology to create a highly secure and ultra fast transactional processing service.
Why is QUANTUM so important?
QUANTUM and in particular 'quantum cryptography' is highly important within cryptographic based systems whose security is guaranteed by the physical law of quantum mechanics. The currently used public-key cryptography relies on the difficulty of solving certain mathematical problems. Quantum cryptography is far superior than any public-key cryptography methods.
What problems is KOSMO Q solving?
KOSMO Q aims to build a global QUANTUM based network for the KOSMEUM multi-blockchain ecosystem that will revolutionise the transactional capability of the blockchain technology. The three most common issues that blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies face today are:
1. the speed of transactional processing
2. the security of the transmitted digital ledgers and
3. the authentication of ownership.
The KOSMO Q global QUANTUM network solves all those issues by providing transactions at the speed of light, true random number generation and strong authentication.
What is KOSMEUM?
KOSMO Q utilises the KOSMEUM multi-blockchain ecosystem to gain access to the digital domain. KOSMEUM's core function is to enable transactions, secure digital ledgers and provide authenticity of participants. KOSMOQ provides the global QUANTUM network to complete the ecosystem.
What is multi-blockchain?
Multi-blockchain technology will revolutionise the blockchain ecosystem by providing purpose built functionality that is tuned to the specific operations it is intended for. KOSMEUM will launch with three blockchains one for each function type. All blockchains will be launched on the KOSMOQ network.
How does KOSMO Q operate?
KOSMO Q will create a global QUANTUM network and provide a network service delivery to KOSMEUM based multi-blockchains.
No. KOSMO Q is a dedicated global QUANTUM network for the KOSMEUM multi-blockchains technology.
Can I send money via KOSMO Q?
No. KOSMO Q is not a financial institution so does not provide loans or any other financial derivatives. KOSMO Q is a dedicated global QUANTUM network for the KOSMEUM multi-blockchains technology.